• Step I - The Presell
  • Step II - Photography
  • Step III - Collection

Our aim

Our Aim to provide Shopping Centres and retailers a turn key opportunity that offers special photography events for their valuable customers. These events are designed to be hassele-free to Shopping Centre,Retail store management and charitable events while providing the highest quality of product and customer services.

Shopping centres & Retailers

At European portrait studios,we take great pride in offering the most affordable family photography, speacialized in vintage photography that is typically available in expensive private studios. Our printing is unique called enhanced sepia which have touch of hand painted colors in sepia photos, hand painted sepia photographs were very popular in 1920s and 1930s. All our photographs are printed on traditional photographic paper and all the color corrections and printing is inhouse. We have very high quality of production and we are very proud to do so.

Charitable events

This programme is design for organisations who wants raise funds for their cause, they can do that with out taking any hassle and any investment, in addition to that it is fun and they can generate membership like churches and nonprofit organisations and new business can attract new customers such as day care nurseries, junior schools etc.

Hereís how it works

Fundraiser programme is great when you need to raise money for special project , Playground, equipment, group trips, donations to outside(like your local library or Disaster relief) and, letís face it, there are plenty of reasons to raise extra money and Not a lot of good ways to do it.

Here is a way that will work if you are willing to promote it:

You sell certificates that entitle the purchaser to a professional photo sitting. You determine the certificate price (most organizations set it at £10 or £15. You pay nothing and your keep all proceeds from certificate sales. You furnish us a roster of all certificate purchasers. We provide all materials you will need to promote your fund raiser-flyers, certificates, Roster and handouts. Everyone who purchases a certificate and has a photo taken will receive a 10x13 print when they come to the sale. The director, or person chosen by the director to promote the fundraiser, will receive a free, full package and a 10x13 canvas texture. All staff members will receive a 10% discount on their purchase